Informed consent is the process of learning key information about a clinical research study or trial before deciding if it is right for you to participate. Informed consent is a continuing process throughout the study to provide information for participants. This process involves speaking with your family or friends, a doctor, nurse, and other research team members about the trial and reviewing the consent document with them.

During the consent process you will learn about the study’s purpose, the activities you will undergo, the duration of the study, who is conducting the research, any potential benefits or risks you may experience, and all other aspects of the specific study.

You will be encouraged to ask any questions you have about the study. If you decide to participate, then you will be asked to sign the consent form.

Signing the document indicates you understand the trial is research, the possible risks and benefits, that participation is voluntary, and formally documents your consent to participate. Informed consent is not a contract, and you may withdraw from the trial at any time.

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